Introducing ANFuncs 2

Posted in Projects on December 18, 2013

When I created ANTeach back in April I put together a rough PHP framework dubbed ANFuncs to supercharge development of the application. ANFuncs was as simple as it could get offering a class to access a database and a class to create HTML forms. Falling short in functionality compared to other frameworks like CakePHP, I’ve only used the framework for simple, personal programs such as a finance tracker.


I see a great program as one that’s easy to use and gets the job done. Not one that’s bloated with much more than the essentials. Solving as many problems by writing as little code as possible is solving a problem in itself and that is why I’ve begun overhauling the framework to serve a greater use. 

Solving as many problems by writing as little code as possible is solving a problem in itself…

ANFuncs could replicate a three-hundred line program in sixty lines.

ANFuncs 2 can replicate that sixty-line program in sixty words.

I re-envisioned ANFuncs with a MVC setup. Using the SMARTY template engine, and a new data-table class known as “ANTable,” all HTML has been purged from the logic behind applications. As a matter of fact, the shining feature of ANFuncs 2, the “generator” class, stops you from worrying about coding templates altogether.

All that needs to be done to create an action such as an index, adder, editor, etc. is define two arrays. One is a list of rows in the database table along with what their purpose is (text, file, etc.). The other allows you to customize the view itself. The generator will whip up your program and automatically inject it into your SMARTY template.

ANFuncs has been a private project and it still is which means there’s no free, public download at the moment. I’ll keep posting some looks into what’s new with the framework however as a little peek into what I’m working on.

For now, cheers,