Posted in Photography on May 2, 2015

Here are some photos I took at the Smithtown train station last night. I’m also posting these here in addition to my photography page as I’m thinking about saving that page for my personal favourites only and starting a collection in the blog. Eventually I might integrate the two. Hmm….

Anyway, enjoy!

Posted in Blog on May 2, 2015

Here’s a fun update! I stumbled upon the wp-tiles plugin and realized it was just what I wanted to create a new photography page. I’ve recently been getting more into train and car photography so I shared a few of my recent shots along with a few old favourites. Click here to check them out. Enjoy!

Posted in Blog on February 15, 2015

Of course, we may want to add a conditional regarding a person’s workload, otherwise they could end up with a serious call of sleepDeprivation() 😉

Posted in Projects on October 14, 2014

RapidREST is not only my first project to rely on Composer for dependencies but it’s now my first project installable via Composer as well!

The existing two-step install method that requires a “git clone” and “composer update” has been simplified into a single step:

php composer.phar create-project andrew-natoli/rapid-rest -sdev


Posted in Projects on October 12, 2014

I’ve been looking build simple test applications that implement API’s as a learning experience but dreaded the time commitment for designing databases and doing the actual programming for an application I’d abandon after three days. Architecting a clever, re-usable way to handle database access was my main problem so I started PHP Model Buddy. Months have gone by and my dwindling free time to experiment has left me with a half-finished database access framework.

I recently discovered two tools: RedBeanPHP and Slim Framework. Using the two I was able to develop a framework that allows developers to prototype API’s without actually having to prototype API’s.

Interested? Head over to my RapidREST page for more information and downloads!


Andrew Natoli

Just watched navigate himself around for the first time. It was a happy moment.

Andrew Natoli

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