Posted in Blog on May 2, 2015

Here’s a fun update! I stumbled upon the wp-tiles plugin and realized it was just what I wanted to create a new photography page. I’ve recently been getting more into train and car photography so I shared a few of my recent shots along with a few old favourites. Click here to check them out. Enjoy!

Posted in Blog on February 15, 2015

Of course, we may want to add a conditional regarding a person’s workload, otherwise they could end up with a serious call of sleepDeprivation() 😉

Poor Jony Ive…

Posted in Blog on December 11, 2013

As the days pass by toward 2014 I can’t help but reflect on what a remarkable year this has been for me. On top of getting my degree in multimedia production, I returned to programming full-swing, winning an award and getting the opportunity to work with a number clients who have been an inspiration and continued my learning.

I even had my first opportunity to work on a short film along with its successful Kickstarter campaign and explore talents I didn’t even know I had.

I just want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to everyone who’s opened doors and given me new opportunities this year. Between my friends that continue to offer guidance and everyone I’ve gotten the privilege of working alongside, I almost feel spoiled. Thank you all!

Now, I should probably say something about why the site looks so much different, right?

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Posted in Blog on September 29, 2013


My javascript experiment, “jsplatform” is coming along nicely and I have the source available to share!

In the past week I have made some great progress getting collision detection working as well as moving platforms. This paves the way for the next step: a camera system that will enable scrolling and the development of larger levels with even more types of platforms down the road!

Check out the source on Github by clicking here.

Posted in Blog on September 15, 2013

Awhile has past since I last shared a coding project… the majority of them have been for work purposes but I finally have a new “pet project” to share!

This past week I attended a tutorial on making games in Javascript at my university. This has been something I’ve been curious about for quite some time and the lesson, which started us on programming an “Asteroids” clone was the spark I needed. As I’m no stranger to platform game development I was quick to get to work and here we have a first look at what I’ve been working on for the past few days.

The player is the little green square… blue blocks are currently “inactive” which means they aren’t close enough to the player to do collision detection while the red blocks are active and checking for collisions.

There’s not much yet visually but so far I have working keyboard controls, physics and collision detection working. The level is generated using data from a CSV file.

I hope to have a demonstrable version ready to share in the coming weeks but for now stay tuned!

Posted in Blog on August 23, 2013

We were thrilled today as our Kickstarter campaign wrapped up today because WE MADE IT! Whether you donated, spread the word or were just there for moral support, thank you so much for contributing to our campaign! The folks at MyMar and I are working around the clock to get this film out to you and it’s great to know that we have your support. We can’t wait to get this project out there!

If you haven’t already, be sure to like MyMar Entertainment’s Facebook page for continuing updates on the film!

Posted in Blog on July 24, 2013

Throughout the past two months I have been working with an award-winning production company, MyMar Entertainment to produce the TV pilot for a series that’s truly unique and hysterical. Written by Marino Amoruso, the series, “Pray for us Sinners” is an edgy, nostalgic & satirical look at life in 1963, seen through the eyes of an 8 year old Catholic school boy from Brooklyn.

We just recently finished filming the pilot and it’s now in post-production but we need YOUR HELP to get it out to the public!  Just today we launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on raising awareness as well as funds for MyMar to promote this pilot to networks, film festivals and even online services such as Netflix. The pilot was well produced on a tight budget to begin with so every extra dollar is really critical.

Check out the project’s Kickstarter page to watch the video and learn more about the series and please, if you can help us out!