Business management platform built upon ANFuncs 1 and ANTeach.

ANControl is a closed-source, business management platform built upon ANFuncs 1 and ANTeach.


The goal of the project was to create a simple, extendable system for small businesses and sole proprietors to track tax-related entities such as income, expenses and travel, as well as project-specific information such as clients and time records.


Code Layout

ANControl was built with the original ANFuncs PHP framework. Files for sections such as contacts, projects, time, finances, etc. were organized into their own individual “module” directories. As there was no template engine used in this version, database queries and the template were written in a single file per page. All updates were however handled by the framework.


ANFuncs module directories could be dropped into any installation and loaded by the program with a single array entry in the program’s configuration file. The system would automatically add the module’s link to the navigation bar and generate universal components such as sidebars linking to views within the module.

ANControl was succeeded by ANControl 2 in January 2014.