ANFuncs 2

PHP framework for the rapid development of database-driven web applications.

Reduce Code. Increase Productivity.

ANFuncs 2 is the second edition of my PHP framework enabling the rapid (and now rapider) production of database-driven web applications.

ANFuncs 2

Now with a model-view-controller (MVC) setup, ANFuncs 2 applications are more organized and flexible but can also be built with significantly less code than the average application.

A new “Generator” class can build read, write, edit and delete actions by only requiring keywords to be entered into an array. This allows a three hundred line application to be re-created with as little as sixty words. No actual logic is required to be written however the original, expanded function library is still available for applications that will require a little more flexibility.

ANFuncs 2 incorporates the SMARTY template engine to power views, keeping HTML and application logic separate for cleaner code that can be picked up easier when changing developers. To encourage cross-platform compatibility and limit the time needed to focus on aesthetics, ANFuncs 2 is designed to work with Bootstrap 3.

To learn what ANFuncs 2 can do for your next web application send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page or call (631)392-8628.

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