ANTeach – Online Education Platform

ANTeach is an award-winning web-based platform designed for private educators.

ANTeach is a web-based platform designed for private educators. It was developed as an entry for the 2013 “Battle of the Brains” competition at Suffolk County Community College. There it won as the best web application for education.

The Idea

The student & contact manager in ANTeach

ANTeach was designed to give private educators a robust yet easy to use system to manage their lessons and students. Additionally it provided tools for the user to track their income and expenses for reference while filing taxes as well as the ability to create invoices and bill parents. In future versions ANTeach would allow students to access a portal where they could communicate with their teachers, view lesson content and submit homework.

Students & Lessons

A many-to-one database structure allowed Teachers to not only store important information about their students including phone numbers and allergy information, but it allowed the addition of “emergency contacts” for that student as necessary. In the event the teacher would need to contact a member of the students’ family they could simply enter the students’ record to find any phone number they had on record.

The Time & Billing page allowed teachers to generate invoices simply by entering a time record for the student they had a lesson with. The bill would be calculated using the rate entered in the students’ record or a custom rate for the lesson could be entered.

The lesson manager’s built-in word processor allowed for the creation and publication of content straight from a web browser.

ANTeach allowed teachers to publish lesson material for individual students as well as classes. Teachers could upload assignments in the form of PDFs or Word Documents or publish important information using the built-in word processor. Categorization ensured the right information would always be easy to find for both students and the teachers.

Business Management

Catering to the common needs of private educators, ANTeach gave them a way to track expenses and follow income for reference while filing taxes. Teachers could also log distance traveled to meet with students. Using Charts.js, ANTeach constructed beautiful graphs to visually represent trends for the teachers’ business.

A task manager was also included to store reminders such as calling parents or purchasing supplies.

Further Development and the Future

I discontinued development of the software shortly after the contest ended in April 2013 and I currently don’t have any intentions to release the software for public use. Many components such as the contact manager, lesson creator, finance manager and object-oriented function libraries however have made their way into future projects including a system I use to manage my own business.