Board Gamers – Episode 1

There’s trouble in the game room as three gamers are pitted against each other in a Milton-Bradley classic!

Taking another stab at an original production, “Board Gamers” takes you into the dramatic world of games before computers took over.

This project took a ton of work. I shot the entire video (which was entirely improvised, by the way) in just under an hour and a half but put well near a full 24 hours of post-production work into it. Why so long? I built some of my best effects yet for it. From the intro sequence produced with Cinema 4D and After Effects to rotoscoping and building animated lower thirds I learned a lot along the way with this project.

Yeah, I could probably use a chroma screen…

It’s a bit long compared to your usual YouTube gag but serves up plenty of entertainment along the way.


Spoiler Alert: Yes, he really did roll all of those 6’s.

  • Board Gamers – Episode 1
  • Date January 14, 2013
  • Video Credits
    DirectorAndrew Natoli
    EditorAndrew Natoli
    CastAlex W.
    Jenna G.
    Chris H.