Cookz It!: Chowder Time (2009)

Make clam chowder and live the dream.

Developed: February 2009
Built With: Game Maker Version 7.0

“Cookz It!: Chowder Time” is a simple mini game I developed in 2009 while home sick from school for a day. The idea is to simply keep your clam chowder stand stocked with supplies as you serve an ever growing crowd of chowder fanatics. To make game play more exciting you use the arrow keys and space bar to serve a customer.

When a customer comes to the stand you’ll see a progress meter appear. Hit left, down, right then spacebar to serve them. Get the pattern down and prepare to use it fast! You can also use the number keys to purchase supplies. Keep note the prices, marked on the left side of the screen will change throughout game play!

(1 = Hire Fisherman, 2 = Purchase Broth, 3 = Purchase Vegetables, 4 = Sell Ten Clams)

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Cookz It: Chowder Time