GML Patch v4.0.1

Easily update your games and software developed with Game Maker 7

Released: 2007 (v1.00)

Last Update: June 2009 (v4.01)

Built With: Game Maker Version 7.0

GML Patch is a basic and easy-to-use yet still powerful software and game updating solution for today’s GM6 & GM7 developer. First released in 2007, GML Patch has been used to power updates for a variety of games arounding the community including my own such as Spherack Reloaded. Its simple coding and design structure make it easy to impliment and re-design to suit your needs.



  • Easy to integrate to your “Game Maker” software.
  • Checks for and downloads updates from http web server
  • Supports multiple file patching with .zip archives
  • Update client built in VB.NET 2008 (Source included)


Download v4.00 – 24 January 2009