Ponder Bot

A RaspberryPi Robot!

2014-09-07 23.49.03Years ago, if I hadn’t devoted my time to just about every music and theater group my high school had to offer I would have loved to explore the robotics team. That didn’t happen… but now it’s mind-blowing how easily accessible and inexpensive new products such as the Raspberry Pi are and how the engineering community has made it possible for just about anyone to delve into robotics from their basement. That’s what I’ve chosen to do. After a few days of research and learning how the Raspberry Pi and certain extension boards and chips work, I ordered a bunch of parts and have started work on a mini robot of my own!

Here’s a look at what makes up PonderBot or “Ponder” for short…

As he’s built using open source hardware, Ponder is driven by open source, Python software.

You can follow along with the development of Ponder via my blog, Twitter, GitHub or even Ponder’s own Twitter account as he’ll some day be tweeting on his own.