Pray For Us Sinners

A short film by MyMar Entertainment

Above: Sizzle reel (edited by Marino Amoruso) for MyMar Entertainment’s short film, “Pray For Us Sinners.”


Pray For Us Sinners is a satirical, comedic and nostalgic look at the early 1960′s as seen through the eyes of young Anthony Ardito (Joshua Pickel), a very confused and imaginative eight-year old Catholic school boy from Brooklyn, N.Y.  Comedian Jackie Martling plays Anthony as an adult looking back on his youth. In the pilot episode Older Anthony vividly remembers the tremendous pressure he felt as a second grader making his First Communion. Now he can laugh about it, but back then he was shaking in his Keds.

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  • Pray For Us Sinners
  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Episodes 1
  • Video Credits
    DirectorMarino Amoruso
    WriterMarino Amoruso
    EditorAndrew Natoli & Marino Amoruso