Spherack Online 2

Online multiplayer action game

Began Development: February 19th, 2007
Released: October 7th, 2007

Last Update: January 10th, 2009 (v4.01)

Built With: Game Maker Version 7.0

Spherack Online 2 is my second and first succesful attempt at building a game cenetered around online multiplayer action. I originally just meant to use this as an experiment to learn how to build a game of such sort so I could use the knowledge in another I was making, but I felt so proud with what I had that I decided to call off the other project and just keep working on this one. The end result to me was great, a nicely designed server that supports up to 20 clients in a game, and the game itself with a few different maps and game modes that could supply anyone interested with hours of entertainment.

In January 2009, I released the game a second time through my game site, “D+Pad Games.” The updated version of the game contains my new automatic updater and built-in support for player accounts and online leader boards.

As of January of 2010 Spherack 2’s servers were taken offline and the game is no longer available to download. Check out Spherack 3 instead!


  • Spherack Online 2
  • Date October 7, 2007