Spherack Online v1.0 (2007)

An online multiplayer action game.

Developed and Released: February 2007

Built With: Game Maker Version 6.0

In late 2006 I started working on a top-down space shooter known as “Ossirian Starfighter.” The game featured a campaign, offline multi-player and I had also started on an online multi-player mode. This inspired me to create an online platform shooter and I ended up abandoning the Ossirian project to develop Spherack.

The original Spherack Online was thrown together in just over a week using Game Maker 6. The game’s minimal features and simple design paved the way for newer, advanced versions of Spherack years down the road.

Spherack had one super-sized level that offered users different routes and blocks for cover. Two teams battled their way into each others’ base to sabotage their computer systems.

As far as the story goes, the “Eradians” were one team; a group of rebel soldiers trying to take over planet Spherack. The “Spheran” loyalists set out to stop the rebellion.

Spherack’s server didn’t stay on long. Spherack 2 phased the game out in October 2007 and Spherack 3, released at the (literal) end of 2008 carried Spherack into its third generation. Spherack 3 remains the only version still available to download from this page.