The Last Pickle

A grumpy old man finds himself getting into a whole mess of trouble!

An old man opens up a jar of pickles and soon after his life turns into one. Eventually his short temper catches up with him after blowing up at his grandson.

Written, filmed and edited by myself for my Intro to Digital Film Making final project (CIN 117). This is also first video produced in Final Cut Pro.

Loud, painful high-fives go out to my awesome cast. They were home from school for Thanksgiving Break, giving us a single day to film this. The video was completed with ninety-eight takes done at eight different locations in just over five hours.

Filmed using a Canon Rebel T1i and the following lenses…

  • Canon EF-S18-55mm (3.5-5.6) w/Digital Concepts 0.45x Wide Angle Adapter
  • Canon EF-S 55-250mm (4-5.6)
  • The Last Pickle
  • Date December 7, 2011
  • Video Credits
    WriterAndrew Natoli
    EditorAndrew Natoli
    CastAlexander Wagner
    Michael Hirsch
    Thomas Grisanti
    Raymond Weber
    Christopher Gonzalez