Store your Toggl time records locally for backup purposes or quick and easy access!

As a sole proprietor, Toggl saved me from having to either write my own time clock software or find something that already exists. It’s simple to use and can track time on a per-project basis from any device with web, desktop and mobile flavours to use.

Premium features allow team tracking, report generation, bill calculation and a few more features for a reasonable rate but as a one man army, I like all of my data to ideally be under one roof. That’s why I jumped for joy when I learned Toggl has an API and a fellow developer, David Reid, had put together a PHP SDK.

Through the help of David’s SDK I was able to start pulling Toggl records into my own custom business management software. As I started ┬áto use Toggl to track more projects however, I felt bad shooting multiple requests per page load at the service which generously doesn’t have request limits.┬áPair that with the fact you can only query 365 days worth at a time and a need to export my data arose.

Thus, TogglSync was created.

This is designed as a PHP-CLI program so put in your API key and workspace ID, create a CRON task and let it pull Toggl records to your MySQL database while you sit back and know your essential data is backed up and stored locally.

Learn more, view the source, contribute to the project and or use it in your own by visiting my repository on GitHub.

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