Z-Updater (2007)

Open-source software updater & launcher built with Visual Basic 6.


NOTE: This software was initially developed in 2007 and the final update was released in 2009. While Z-Updater is still available for download and will remain that way, I unfortunately am no longer offering support for this product and will not be releasing any future builds. I thank all of you who have taken interest in and have used Z-Updater.

Z-Updater is a very simple to set-up software patching client build with Visual Basic 6. Unlike most update clients with confusing set-ups and instructions, all you need to do with Z-Updater is set two variables in the source code and you’re off! It works by dowloading an ini file off your webserver to check if a newer version of your program has been released. If so, it proceeds to download a ZIP archive containing the updates and extracts it over existing files. It’s quite simple and gets the job done!



v1.0 Released: 18 August 2007

v1.5 Released: 12 October 2009

v1.6 Released: 18 October 2009

Click here to Download and give it a try!